Teulera Ancestral

Vi escumós elaborat pel mètode ancestral d'una única fermentació en ampolla, elaborat 100% amb montònega ecològica de vinyes a més de 500m d'altura. Fresc, amb una fruita blanca molt neta i notes cítriques, per gaudir-ne en qualsevol moment


This unique wine comes from the old vines of Montònega located at +500 meters, refreshing , long and subtle ; a unique variety which is the maximum expression of Mascorrubí terroir


A unique blend of White Grenache and Montònega fermented in barrels creating a complex , rich, silky and persistent wine which will not leave you indifferent ; created by Mascorrubí from our vines at +500 meters

The origins of Mascorrubí date back to the the Knights Templar castle of Celma, founded in the twelfth century. From that time, the vineyard is part of our landscape. At Heretat Mascorrubí we maintain the original, head-pruned vines of the local Penedès region, mainly Montònega, a variety of Parellada grape found at high altitudes which has thicker skins and loose, small, pink fruits that make for more aromatic and fresh wines.


The elevation of the Heretat Mascorrubí vinyards, between 500 and 700 m, gives our wines their own personality, thanks to a balanced ripening of the grapes resulting from poor, rocky soil and the contrasts in temperature between day and night during the ripening season, creating an optimal concentration of aromas.