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Det finns många duktiga ölproducenter i de flesta länder, även i Sverige. En prisbelönt ölproducent som trots allt sticker ut från mängden är italienska San Gabriel. Vi har samarbetat med San Gabriel sedan starten av Vivona.



Sommelier's notes: tasted at a temperature of 5-6 ° C in a classic mug, it offers all its inviting freshness.


Bright golden yellow color with fine foam, fresh scent of cereal and hay, malty body in harmony with the bitterness of fine hops. Moderately sparkling, balanced and round aftertaste.


Alcohol content: 5.0 ° IBU 21


Pairings: roasts and stews, fried fish, Montasio cheese and goat cheese.


Greetings from Monaco! Fresh and drinkable beer.

Our Beautiful Beers. Available Now.

Sommelier's notes: native specialty, very versatile in the kitchen. Tasted at a temperature of 6-8 ° C in an open glass, it expresses all its fragrance.


Amber red color with persistent foam, delicate caramel and vegetable scents, round and malty body in harmony with the noble bitterness of Radicchio. Slightly sparkling, herbaceous and soft aftertaste.


Alcohol content: 5.5 ° IBU 20


Pairings: white meats, game, soft cheeses, exceptional with fish.


Radicchio meets hops!

Sommelier's notes: Made with 50% wheat, smooth and aromatic beer. Tasted at a temperature of 5-6 ° C in its special “Weizen” glass, it releases its wide sensory extension.


Opalescent antique gold color with generous foam, fragrant aroma of fresh yeasts and fruit, structured body, with a taste of banana and ripe apple, delicately spiced. Lively sparkling, fruity and thirst-quenching aftertaste.


Alcohol content: 5.0 ° IBU 15


Pairings: fish, pizza, mozzarella, ricotta.


Bavarian bubbles

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