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Ginself is the result of the enthusiastic pursuit of the perfect Gin by its creators.

In the search for the ideal ingredients the authors of Ginself resort, as it could not be otherwise, to its Mediterranean origins, Valencia and Sicily, choosing the Mandarin, orange blossom and tiger nut as elements that set it apart and give it aroma and taste that make it a great Gin.

In the nose, the citric notes stand out initially, especially the fragrance of Mandarin and the unmistakable smell of orange blossom in bloom, , ending with a soft scent of tigernut. These aromas are integrated seamlessly with the rest of the components and printed the Gin a delicious aromatic complexity that invites to tasting.

In the mouth, dominated by citrus notes. It has a different, elegant and soft flavour on the palate with a fine shade of tigernut that makes it unique in the world.Long and pleasant final taste that reveals a, original, fresh and Mediterranean Gin


Ginself, comes from botanists carefully selected and softened for 24 hours in alcohol before distillation. Ginself is doubly distilled from beet alcohol of highest quality and the Sierra de Espadán spring water. The distillation is conveying in a craft way, in small quantities obtained a centennial century copper from s.XVIII, obtaining a maximum throughput of 500 litres.

Ginself is obtained by maceration and double distillation of Alcohol of beet with sweet orange, bitter orange, rind of lemon, Angelica root, Angelica seed, orange blossom, tiger nuts, Mandarin and juniper berries.


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