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Les Blémonts

A wine thatbrightens up your day. There's something so supple and vibrant about this wine that reminds us of an acrobat. A joyful wine that tastes full of cherries with a lavender lift. 

La Galoche Rosé

This is as fresh as rosé gets - mouthwatering acidity, with raspberry and cranberry flavours for days, giving you an energy boost with every sip. And when the day turns into night? Well... looking for the vinous version of a Cosmo? Look no further. This is your Sex & The City wine - after all, 'La Galoche' does mean 'French kiss.'

La Galoche Rouge

 It tastes and feels like fresh strawberry jelly - almost no tannins, just fresh fruit. Remember Outkasts's "So Fresh, So Clean" song? Well, it's as though that song was written about this wine. 

“It's all to do with the farming. 10 years ago, when I took over the family domaine, I wanted to work organically straightaway. It was a real challenge at the time. Now, it no longer feels like a challenge… It is a joy. I love working this way and I just don’t want to work with chemicals.”

The Vineyards

Saint Cyr buys the organic Gamay grapes from a neighbour who achieved organic certification two years ago. Clay-limestone soils.The grapes were direct pressed and a natural "pied de cuve" was used for fermentation in order to ensure that the yeasts that end up in the bottle to continue fermentation were healthy. A single fermentation sparkling wine, this finished fermenting in bottle (hence the bubbles). Tiny amount of SO2 (10mg) added before bottling.

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