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Inspired by a life well lived

96 pts.

The Tasting Panel

96 pts.

The Tasting Panel

93 pts.

Wine enthusiast


Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is both an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails with a firm blast of black pepper and a hint of charred red peppers. A crisp, salty pepper morphs into soft sweet juniper followed with a pleasant, lingering peppercorn finish.

Juniper  •   Red bell pepper   •  Black pepper   •  Piemento   


Uncle Val’s Handcrafted Botanical Gin is a smooth and delicious “American Style” gin. Inviting from the start with a nose that exquisitely balances bright citrus notes, cucumber and lavender. Each sip is delicate and leads with citrus including lemon, orange and key lime. The finish is soft and easy with a hint of spice, but is mostly floral and citrus making it one of the finest of craft gins.

Juniper  •   Cucumber   •  Lemon   •  Sage   •  Lavendel


Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin exhibits a crisp taste profile that harkens back to the classic American gin. Crisp juniper berry, soft cucumber and the slightest hint of rose petal comprise the nose, making for a soothing and intriguing first impression. Refreshing flavors of citrus, coriander and juniper evolves to a finish of cucumber with a wisp of rose petals.

Juniper  •   Cucumber   •  Coriander   •  Rose petals  

As a physician in his native Lucca, Italy, he was known as Dr. Cecchetti, but to the Sebastiani family this beloved uncle was simply called “Uncle Val.“ A generous and jovial man, Uncle Val had an undeniable zeal for life. He was a well-known physician, devoted fan of bicycle racing and team doctor, a gourmet cook and an avid gardener up until his final days. To those lucky enough to have known him he was a inspiration – just as his eponymous gins will inspire all who taste them.

There are three distinct gins named in honor of Uncle Val. Each gin possesses turly unique characteristics and together they serve to round out virtually any gin need.


Inspired by bitter bottles from the 18th and 19th century, Uncle Val’s bottle was manufactured in Italy and possesses strong, tapered shoulders and a dark green, antique hue. The label is also reminiscent of old world spirit labels, featuring an ornate cursive font, a tastefully understated color palette and a Roman coin styled illustration of Uncle Val. Each bottle will have one of three bottom labels featuring some of Uncle Val’s more notable sayings. Together, the bottle, labels and, of course, gin evoke a dedication to craftsmanship that is still very much alive in the old world of Uncle Val’s Italy.


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